Azure Certifications & Microsoft Learn

Image 1 — Skills Measured
Two ways to prepare
Lab & Collections
Adding module or learning path to a Collection
Accessing Collections
Collection Completion Status and Making a Schedule
  1. Do recommend taking the exam patiently and not rushing through the questions. I made this mistake and failed on one of the exam attempts and gave the exam again in 3 days and passed [As I had prepared well and practiced]. Just not reading the questions carefully can make you select a wrong or less suitable solution.
  2. Data Engineer & Data Analyst certification heavily benefitted from my background in working in that space for past 15+ years. The exams test you on Azure knowledge for sure, but the implement/design knowledge surely needs to come from your experience in working in that space. AZ 303 & 304 were very difficult for me and I failed 1 attempt on AZ 303 given I had minimal networking experience, so re-reading the questions and trying to understand the ask clearly, really helped in this case.




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Akshata Revankar

Akshata Revankar

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