GHC 2020 Diaries

GHC 2020 through the eyes of a first timer!


8 AM EST Wow! The day is finally here! This is my first GHC, I’m beyond excited. The eastern time zone makes the wait feel longer :)

9 AM EST I’m IN!

2 PM EST It’s begun!

Host : Jeanne Sparrow

Jeanne Sparrow

Welcome Note: Brenda Darden Wilkerson

Brenda Darden Wilkerson

Amazing opening! Brenda touched upon the all the hard topics — virtual career fair, black lives matter, gender disparity, and that too with so much grace and clarity.

My takeaways from Brenda’s opening note..

2:30 PM Time for speaker sessions! Today’s theme “Entrepreneur”

Michelle Zatlyn : Lessons Learned in Founding A Meaningful, Thriving Business — So You Can Build Yours Faster

From GHC introduction : Only three women have founded public infrastructure companies worth $1B+. One being Michelle Zatlyn, who co-founded Cloudflare during the last US economic downturn and transformed it into a leading Internet company. She’ll share her perspective and lessons learned in creating a diverse workforce and navigating times of crisis while building a thriving company so you can build yours faster.

My Takeaways:

Slide from Michelle Zatlyn’s presentation
Slide from Michelle Zatlyn Presentation : Ask yourself : What should I start doing, What should I stop doing, that is not helping me and What should I keep doing?

3:05 PM Speaker session #2

Holly Liu (Founder Kabam) : How to Evaluate Startup Ideas?

From GHC Introduction “Curious about starting a company but haven’t settled on an idea yet? Holly Liu, Co-Founder of Kabam, will walk you through a framework for thinking about and evaluating startup ideas. Holly will talk about her experience as a founder and her perspective on when it is time to turn an idea into a company.”

My Takeaways:

Slide from Holly Liu’s presentation

4:45 PM Excited! Its “Serena Williams” time!

Katrina Adams and Serena Williams

My takeaways:

Wow! Amazing day 1! Can it be tomorrow already??

#vGHC20 #TogetherWeBuild



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