GHC 2020 Diaries

Jeanne Sparrow
Brenda Darden Wilkerson
  1. Break the Myth — One should do it alone!
  2. Our ideas need to be seen and celebrated — diversity.
  3. We can’t be what we can’t see — be a role model.
  4. Be an advocate — support.
  5. Let down your ladders — so others can climb.
  6. User your influence to help others.
  1. Lesson#1 Solve a big, meaningful problem : What I plan to build can it impact 100 million people and generate $100 million dollars?
  2. Lesson#2 Get great people to come work with you : Diverse teams lead to better results. Talented people care about doing things that matter.
  3. Lesson#3 Retain all of your great people : Be intentional of what you do and what you don’t do. People you start your journey with , may not be the ones with you end the journey.
  4. Lesson#4 Building a good business : Compare business metrics.
  5. Lesson#5 Picking investors : Chase the person.
  6. Lesson#6 Scaling yourself : Always keep learning. Be open to change.
Slide from Michelle Zatlyn’s presentation
Slide from Michelle Zatlyn Presentation : Ask yourself : What should I start doing, What should I stop doing, that is not helping me and What should I keep doing?
  1. “Make something that a lot of people want” : “Want” is the problem, “Something” is the solution, “a lot” is the business.
  2. How to find the problem (The Want) : Listen to users. Get them to show you. Watch them do.
  3. Good problems to solve : Wants that are Urgent, Valuable, Frequent, Common and Not already addressed.
  4. Is my start up idea good? : Check the Growth Rate(Time/Money, How quickly is the money growing) & Market Size (number of potential customers)
  5. If stuck : Evaluate if the “want” is still a problem for many people
Slide from Holly Liu’s presentation
Katrina Adams and Serena Williams
  1. Time is the best investment.
  2. Be humble and work hard.
  3. Quote : “Success to me is who you are”
  4. Quote : “My key message is to be yourself. Be humble. Work hard — there’s no way around it…you have to know that it’s not always easy. It may look easy in a post or a game, but it’s not.”
  5. Serena’s daughter is a co-owner of the sports team!! Wow! Legacy, Ownership.
  6. Quote : “Think big to empower our communities and our futures we are pursuing”
  7. Always have a Plan B.




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