GHC 2020 Diaries contd.

  1. Be brave and trust yourself.
  2. Use the power pose.
  3. Don’t be scared to pivot — If you know its not right for you, leave. You might find something that's a better fit for you.
  4. Have and internal talk — tell yourself you can do this!!
  5. Separate feelings from fact — what you feel may not be true.
  6. Visualize success.
  7. List your achievements.
  8. Embrace your strengths.
Imposter syndrome : suggested books
Inspiring Award Winners, Credits: Pic Collage App
  1. Allow your accomplishments to shine.
  2. Take pride in you work.
  3. Take credit for your work.
  4. Take time to write about women achievers on Wikipedia, Dr. Jess Wade has done 1001 already!
  5. Never do anything that makes you unhappy.
  6. Rise with other women.
  7. Pose for a picture like Dr. Jess Wade :)
Dr. Jess Wade — my personal favorite
Smarter design — Software chooses the underlying hardware to perform better
What will dictate the design for high performance computing in the next decade
Lessons, Takeaways
  1. Inflection points are opportunities to think differently and innovate.
  2. Take risk in the right direction.
  3. Innovation : Mix of data and instinct. Watch data and build instinct over time. Take risks. Evaluate risk/reward.
  4. Learn from mistakes.
  5. Inclusive teams have best answers.
  6. Quote : “Run towards problems”. Embrace the opportunity. Right place, right time, working on something important. When you see a problem, reach out. Create your luck by working on something important.

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