GHC 2020 Diaries contd.

GHC 2020 Day 2


8 AM EST Till the event starts, its Poster time!

So many posters to see and so much to learn. The posters were very well organized and so easy to search using date/topics.

Data Science, NLP, Blockchain, Image processing — you name it, and there is poster for it.

Can totally imagine some of the poster creators turning into tomorrows entrepreneurs and solving future problems.

11 AM EST Workshop time

“Feeling Like a Fraud? You’re Not Alone. Overcome Impostor Syndrome and Achieve Success | Hosted by Chicago Trading Co.”

My takeaways:

  1. Be brave and trust yourself.
Imposter syndrome : suggested books

12 PM Abie Award Winners!

Inspiring Award Winners, Credits: Pic Collage App

My takeaways

  1. Allow your accomplishments to shine.
Dr. Jess Wade — my personal favorite

1 PM — 4PM Networking time

Interesting set up by all companies — Zoom calls, Zoom breakout rooms, Google meet, Bank of America had its own networking platform, very impressive.

Awesome interactive sessions, meeting beautiful and talented women.

4 PM Keynote time!

“Delivering the Future of High-Performance Computing — Dr. Lisa Su”

Smarter design — Software chooses the underlying hardware to perform better
What will dictate the design for high performance computing in the next decade
Lessons, Takeaways

My takeaways:

  1. Inflection points are opportunities to think differently and innovate.

Phew! Exhausting day, but totally worth it. Resting a bit, to charge up for another great day tomorrow!



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